Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting to Know That Which We Are Being Programmed to Hate

We believed our previous post on Iran would be sufficient, but leaving the TV on in the background is a dangerous game on a Sunday morning. Our faithful old Mitsubishi 32 inch - plain - non-cool - not flat-screen - TV is spitting out more propoganda on Iran. She'll do a number on the subconscious mind if we listen. Why is she doing this to us? We understand the media's manipulation agenda but these attacks get old after a while. There is so much more history, most of which is being ignored. Additionally, our media doesn't seem to be broadcasting attempts at negotiations for the nuclear power issue.

Reminded recently of Einstein's definition of Insanity - Doing the same thing and expecting a different result, we've decided to rebel against conventional American journalism today. Besides, we already heard this story back when it was written for Iraq. Let's go for a totally different approach...let's get to know each other (before we kill each other).

Since The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian loves to travel, we decided to take an internet photo and newspaper tour of Iran, rather than to allow our perceptions to be molded only by the news media. You may be amazed - we were. And, apparently we're not the only ones interested in citizen diplomacy. We found others reaching out.

This is a call for peace. Is anyone out there?

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