Thursday, May 07, 2009

Community Garden on Eastside

The details are a little sketchy at the moment, but it seems a big development has taken shape on the Eastside. A vacant lot on Columbus Street near the Hanover intersection has been transformed into a small community garden. We stopped to admire it and chatted with a local who shared that the garden was open to all. There is, however, no signage and no official information for a specific point of contact in or around the garden lot.

The only other information gleaned from the colorful fellow guarding the garden, so to speak, was that the owner of the lot had agreed to let everyone use it for planting if it was kept clean and neat. With a big toothy grin he said he was trying to work a similar deal on other vacant lots on the opposite side of Hampstead Square.

The Eastside is a living, breathing community always in constant motion. Regardless of the somewhat loose organization of this little endeavor, I must say, we are glad to see it and hope the garden is successful and productive. It is certainly a lovely addition, and much better than a vacant lot unkempt and littered with trash.

In Bloom

Finally in bloom, this is a rare, white Tennessee Wisteria plant. Rather than the normal light purple flowers regularly found wild all around the South, the flower is a soft white and spectacularly fragrant. Scratch the picture to sniff (just kidding - please don't try that).