Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tall Ships at Charleston Harborfest

The tall ships are back and we've spent a lot of time milling around the docks checking out this collection of splendid vessels, which have traveled the vast open seas to dazzle us with their beauty, antiquity and billions of knots. All the beautiful people have been out. Friday evening, even the porpoises seemed to be enjoying the Harborfest-ivities. Sunday is the last day of the festival, so if you can make it out, don't miss these gracious ships. For schedules and more info, check here. Charlestonharborfest.orgWe're so lucky to have these ships practically in our back yard, but one of the best things about hanging around the docks for any length of time is observing the activities of the people that actually live on the water. As we strolled around Friday night, we came upon an impromptu bluegrass concert, which began as a trio and turned quartet as we watched. I noticed the houseboat the fiddle player emerged from was named, what else, but, Harmony.