Monday, September 20, 2010

Comeback Song Filled with Charleston Charm

Homegrown Charlestonian, Darius Rucker, just released his video for Comeback Song, from forthcoming album Charleston, 1966.

It's not often I am stricken by a feeling of breath-taking awe in the knowing that I am so very lucky to be able to take such enchanting landscapes for granted. Darius shot his walk down memory lane video all around downtown Charleston, truly capturing the antiquity, timelessness and beauty of this place a certain strange lot of us call home. Actually, I'm pretty surprised he climbed right out there into the marsh for a couple of those shots (lol). It would've taken some pretty sporty rubber fishing boots and an ice cream cone to lure me out there into the pluff mud just beyond the pebbled, natural walkways lining the park harborside.

The work has a comfortable, familiar sound, even though Darius jumped into the country arena a few years ago. He still pulls out all of his old, inviting personality characteristics - that hidden depth veiled by an upbeat rhythm. In the video he calls upon the spirits of regret, aplenty here in the holy city, to walk with him along shaded cobblestone alleyways in the heart of the peninsula; yet, he only conjures them up within daylight, making the crossovers, and soul-digging all that much less threatening.

But, beyond these twangy country licks, I'm appreciating the videography. A throw-back style slideshow, simple and raw, reminisces in old-timey, rolling film, the kind like your parents might have had circa 1966. Darius uses his own beautiful city as the backdrop, showcasing the landscape that has so molded his life and influences. And, as usual, Charleston, and her charm, rise to all opportunities to show off. And, yes, this old city does hold in her care and confidence the guilts, regrets, and the unspoken wishes of all who reside here, Mr. Rucker included.

CMT's review is here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

King Street Closing to Traffic

It seems to have been a long time coming, with little hints here and there that city officials were watching and listening to public cries toward maintaining walkability in the holy city. I'm elated to see this bit of news...

Second Sunday of every month King Street will be open only to pedestrian traffic. Restaurants will be able to bring out street dining and no more will one have to scoot across the asphault, frogger-style, skipping between cars lumbering slowly down the old arterial street. The Digitel posted a great article giving further details.

Soon I'll be strolling down King sans traffic. Can't wait!