Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Candyman Can

Going a bit in reverse, we remember to bring up Friday night's ride home from work on the bus. It must have been a big payday. Or maybe they were extra jubilant because the holiday is coming up. Regardless, riding home Friday night was like sitting at the back of the party car. A group at the front, including the Fab Lady Driver, were involved in a Kaluah-spiked coffee klotch. Having one hell of a time, who steps aboard but a Candyman? Seriously, a middle-aged guy with a pillowy midsection unhidden by his Oxford shirt and windbreaker combination. Looked like an accountant stuck with two boxes of his kid's World's Finest school chocolates for sale. The eyes of the klotch immediately lit up as they all began drooling over the prospect of savoring the tasty treats displayed on the box wall. The biggest, loudest guy took the lead with, "Candy needa sit here by me....we lik'a da Candy Maaan!" The ladies hooped and hollared; laughing; happy to be off work. Big guy continued taunting and the look on the accountant's face declared he was nearing a tipping point, drawing very close to true nervousness. Just then the big guy let up and whipped out his wallet. He said "Really, come on dude, sell us the candy". Pleading, "we seriously want the candy." Others simultaneously dug their wallets out from under coats and sweaters (we've had a cold front come through the South). It was amazing how quickly the guy collected dollars. Gaining confidence, he shouted toward the back, "I've only got one chocolate and caramel left." We turned to the rap star next to us and commented, "guess if you got candy to sell, just sell it on the bus," to which he replied, "yeah." Then with eyes widening, gaze focusing as if the link had been made, "yeeeaaaah..." Stay tuned. Maybe the rap star will be peddling his own chocolate bars by next week.

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Bitsy Parker said...

Wow! I've never ridden the Friday night bus. However, any weekend bus rides in my town are dicey.

NEVER has there been chocolate sold! I'm coming to Charleston.