Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Transportation Hub

Well, it's about time! Thank God Charleston's elected officials are finally thinking about merging and unifying several major transportation hubs. Today's announcement included a fabulous rendering presented by Mayor Keith Summey, North Charleston. The newly planned hub will finally link major transportation hubs, CARTA, Charleston's bus system, Greyhound, a National Bus System, and, Amtrak, a National Railway System, together in one area where transportation can finally find some synchroncity.

Back in the olden days [think current times], all the transportation hubs were miles apart. The old Greyhound station was located on Dorchester Road, set miles from the airport, and way more than a stone's throw from the CARTA Bus terminals farther down old Rivers Avenue. The poor taxi cab companies were relegated to "zoned" areas where only strip clubs and tatoo parlors resided. BUT...Behold! The Future! Here we are in 2010 and the PTB (powers that be) have finally figured it best to put all of these tranportation instruments into one big band orchestrated together into a finely tuned rhythm. Well, imagine the ingenuity!

I for one, am absolutely ecstatic at this turn of transport efficiency. Believe me. Now, guys, let's get that high speed rail into perspective, and on track, pardon the pun.

New Station on Track (North Charleston, South Carolina).

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