Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bluesphere: portion of earth art expo in Marion Square

If you've walked into Marion Square any time within the last two weeks, you may have noticed a new, strange, stick-like structure near the corner of Calhoun and King Streets. Similar to skinny Lincoln Logs, the spindly structure weaves itself into a canopy over the west corner pathway of the square. It popped up, seemingly overnight, and resembles a giant Jenga game. You'd almost not notice this piece of artwork since it blends so well with the scenery. But then evening falls, and the blue lights designed into the wooden slats shimmer a bit more brightly, easily catching the eyes of passers-by. Most people inquisically paused asking, "what is it," as I stood there considering the structure and its representation.

Sustainability. That's the point of each of the Bluesphere exhibits recently erected in various locations around the City of Charleston. The City Paper says of it - "From sculptors to photographers to graphic artists, Bluesphere includes seven exhibits around the peninsula that will make viewers think more deeply about environmental issues."

As is usual for Charleston, our artistic movements merge cultures from around the world. An American photographer documenting consumption American style in his still frames is mirrored by the work of Brazilian photographer, Pedro Lobo, actively documenting the recycling of necessity blossoming from the depths of extreme poverty in Rio de Janeiro's shantytowns.

Then, from the 2-D photographic showings swell the 3-D world where one can literally walk into the art, much like the new exhibit at Marion Square. Once inside the Marion Square structure, lit blue panels explain the project and provide more information about Bluesphere. This partiuclar exhibit was planned and built by the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston’s Studio V. Bluesphere is supported by the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.
From the Halsey Institute's website, more on the project

bluesphere: Earth Art Expo was initiated by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and made possible by collaborations between many of Charleston's art and education organizations. We seek to bring sustainability education to the residents of Charleston, SC through a mixture of visual art exhibitions, lectures, films and activities focusing on the environment, conservation and how views of our world's resources are presented and expressed through art.

Alright, last but not least, The Post & Courier has provided an excellent video highlighting all of the exhibits to be found around town. The Earth Expo exhibits will be on display until December.


Stacey Crew said...

I do miss Marion Square. There's always something interesting going on at the corner of King and Calhoun.

Lizz Biswell said...

You can see all the events happening in bluesphere: Earth Art Expo at the project's website:

The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian said...

Stace! Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Charleston misses your beautiful, talented presence. When you stop in next try to make it on a Second Sunday when we are now closing down King Street for shopping, strolling and outdoor dining. Miss you, girl! :)