Monday, September 24, 2007

A Wedding! Haircuts, Gift Shopping and Getting There

Well, Saturday was a bit of a test. An old friend from High School took the plunge and tied the knot. Congratulations, you guys. Weddings require a whole spectrum of preparation for the guests. One certainly cannot diminish the importance of the day by showing up with a four month old haircut, an unshaven neck and no gift.

We got up early, made breakfast, then walked to Parlor on upper King, an excellent place to get a style downtown. Haircuts and then to the market to grab some groceries, we had already walked about a mile by the time the meat and potatoes arrived back home. Then, we realized, crap - no gift! Pottery Barn. They said they were registered at Pottery Barn, right? One of us jumped in the shower as the other ran out for the gift. Finally, dressed and ready to go, there was now the issue of transportation, or rather, the lack thereof, due to our recent set of choices. Taxi? Shuttle Bus? Walk? Rickshaw/Petty Cab? How long would each variation of a ride take? So many unanswered questions in our first busy weekend without a car. We bantered back and forth for way too long, eventually storming out (OK, the female gender of this pair stormed), and just walked. It was a nice night. Walking allowed time to calm down while breathing to the rhythm of our feet on the sidewalk. Got to the wedding, got to the reception, all without incident. For those of you that know Charleston well, you may find it humorous to know we walked through the Eastside in full formal attire and flip flops! LOL. We're pretty sure at this point our neighbors, and the boys that hang on the corner, think we're dangerously insane, and should most likely be housed on some secluded floor within Roper's depths. Our party shoes were in the gift bag, figuring if anyone did try to rob us of our fabulous PB gift, we could beat them off with a 3" black leather, spiked heel. One of us actually saw a girl get hit in this manner in a bar fight once. Quite effective.

Overall, great time. The next day we both admitted to being a little sore from walking so far, so long! Uhhhhh, our legs! Although, wow, we must admit we both feel better than we have in years. Can you imagine?

Here's something ironic - many months ago, long before the car decision was made, we signed up to participate in the American Heart Walk. September seemed so far off. How quickly next weekend comes. Yay - another opportunity to burn a few extra calories! Buy hey, also another opportunity to live well.

It never felt so good to fall into bed that night. Our first really busy weekend. Right before drifting off to sleep, she said, "my feet hurt AND I have a blister." He said, "God, your ass is getting tight."

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