Sunday, September 23, 2007

96 Wave's Final Break - Update One

So, look what an astute coworker of ours found - a mysterious link to 96 Wave online!

Although there remain many unanswered questions, the Charleston City Paper reports 96 Waves' hopeful potential as it comes alive via PC. See T. Ballard Lesemann's article.

It does appear upon brief inspection of the website that Chuck FM owns the rights or something of that nature. Who can tell at this point in the unfamiliar world of online radio. Is there a way to run this through our Sirius??? Probably not, but we're still dreaming of that one magical device that unites all the electronics, finally, together. At one. In peace. Dreams. Anyway, the website is clearly under construction as only the home page populates with each click; however, many of the page elements are there leaving bread crumbs along a dark trail for us to follow, until the full site is up and running. Rumor has it the old DJs will be back online and all the same ole things we've come to love.

Can't wait to check it out!

So, hope you enjoy the listen and if you find further information, please don't hesitate to update here. We just can't wait to see where this one goes. Now, let us go devise some evil plan that will mask the streaming audio from the IT guy's stringent, streaming audio blocking rules at the office...

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