Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hug Marketing?

Earlier this morning I was leafing through the latest Charleston City Paper, and ran across this ad. With an immediacy I found this marketing ploy a little questionable. Who would hug me if I went to this restaurant? The Pig? The Manager? The Cashier? With raised eyebrow, I also wondered about the person who hatched & designed this ad campaign as well...needy?

Questions aside for a second, here's what the ad did achieve: it caused me to look the joint up on the web. But here there were a few problems as well. It seems The City Paper or the expressive person whom planned this ad did not pay particularly close attention to all the little devlish details, such as the website text, which is completely wrong. The correct address is

Sadly, upon finally googling, finding and arriving at the barbeque joint website, I found zero information regarding any free hugs. Hmmmm...what kind of marketing campaign is this anyway? I'm not sure...but I am pretty positive that the pig is behind this in some way.


Stacey Crew said...

You're right. The whole thing is really quite bizarre. As much as I like to be hugged, I don't go around just hugging anyone. And the fact that they got the web address wrong, wow! Keep us posted if you get more information on this unusual marketing campaign. :-)

cbush01 said...

I can believe that the pig would be the one to hatch up the whole "free hug" ploy, but I'm sorry, I just can't buy that a pig would wear an Elvis wig, complete with sideburns and still take himself seriously.

Vacation Rick said...

Okay, the pig won't be handing out hugs, it's been barbequed, the manager will be in the back counting his money, and the cashier will be behind the counter. They will probably hire some temp in a pig costume or maybe someone dressed up like Lady Gaga.