Thursday, August 05, 2010

Totally Random

What's going on in this head right now? Ugh. Totally random thoughts. Lots of them.

There's so much sh*t going on in the world, it's hard to pin-point one specific thing to write on, which sometimes leads to a bit of writer's block going on over here. So, I'll update you on some random stuff...

CARTA just got eleven great, new buses, and they're green too! The new low-emissions buses come to Charleston, "powered by low-sulfur, clean diesel that will mean a carbon emissions reduction of about 90% compared to older models, officials said. The additions mark the first time CARTA has updated its fleet since purchasing buses from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics," so says the Charleston Regional Business Journal. Sadly, though, most of the work I do now is within walking distance of the home headquarters, sooooooo...unfortunately, not using CARTA as often as I once did. Yet, I cannot wait for the first opportunity to hop aboard one of the newbie buses. Also, somebody told me they have they really have wi-fi!?!?

Totally Random Thought: So, when people say, "things happen for a reason," I have to laugh and say, "no, things happen because we didn't know any better...and if you can fix it, then fix it."

On another note, thank Gawd damned BP has finally plugged the hole. Now, I'd like to see a bunch of BP employees (not volunteer fishermen) slapping on wetsuits. It's about time they go diving to find hidden under-water plumes and figure out how to extract them. This business of using satellites and fly-overs to "find" oil is ridiculous considering the P.T.B. used tons of disbursements to break up the oil as it spewed from its source. Am I the only person completely unsurprised by reports stating that the oil wranglers are unable to find oil on the ocean surface? Earth to......

Another Totally Random Thought: OMG, the PGA tournament is coming to Kiawah! That's kind of exciting, and actually got me thinking for a moment that I should head over to the range and pretend I didn't throw my clubs out years ago. Rumor is they're already running low on tickets.

Last, it's totally hot here. I'm so sick of the heat and sitting inside I cannot wait for fall. How about you? Never thought I would wish away the remainder of a random summer.

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