Thursday, June 03, 2010


Aside from a few informational tweets and such, indeed, I have remained somewhat quiet on the oil disaster occurring real-time in the Gulf. I think we all realize we're right on course for an epic environmental drama with far-reaching ramifications. From seafood prices to massive job loss, this historic event we watch unfold before us has only just begun, and I seem to be shocked silent in awe.

Yet, this disaster is simply a reflection of all the things that don't work/aren't working in our agreed upon social structure. We have done this to ourselves.

With fingers crossed we wonder what will happen here in Charleston. They've estimated oil could reach the Carolina coastlines around October, dependent upon the oil's entry into the ocean loop current. As if the oil isn't bad enough, reports show that nearly a million gallons of disbursements have been dumped into the Gulf as well. Oh, and by the way, hurricane season just started too. Imagine for one moment, a storm surge of pasty oil pushing itself up into pristine estuaries, harbors, marshes and onto land.

It's safe to say, I feel and sense the devastation. At the same time, I recognize this is a game-changing card for the oil industry.

In the meantime, I am making it a point to go out to the beach this week. And next. I'd like to enjoy the places I love....just in case. I'll try to pretend nothings wrong, and make some jokes to hide my pain for the insanities of man playing themselves out via a gushing hole miles under the ocean.

While I'm out, I leave you with the following -

July, 2008 Bush Lifts Ban on Offshore Drilling

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