Friday, November 28, 2008

Controversial Political Toy

Online shopping for Christmas has its hazards.

Aside from the easy persuasion to overspend (as credit card sits temptingly next to computer console) one can expose themselves to lots of things they might rather not know exist.

Take for instance, this dumba%$* toy, which is a fine example of a collosal waste of energy spent toward its production. The Path CRA 911 Super Fun Childs Toy appears to be made in China, with French (don't speak French; not positive on this one) instructions, and according to the internets, is sold in Morocco. It is a near unrecognizable plastic President Bush figure, sitting atop a tank, chasing Osama Bin Laden on a circular train track.

Someone in the world is making mucho dinero by reducing an historic and tragic event to a plasticized, oil-based prop. Sad. It might be that time of year to reflect, yet again, on the stupid crap we buy all around the world.

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WileyCoyote said...

Watch that online shopping. The rumor on the Amazon forum is that people have been putting stuff in their online shopping carts, only to discover when they go to checkout that prices have gone up! Not just at Amazon, but plane tickets, car rentals...

D'you think we can blame bin Laden for that, too - or maybe Bush?

We're just glad we're past the stage of buying useless things for gratification. (Passes over a slice of her homemade Drunken Sot fruitcake) MAKING things - now THAT's TOTALLY different! :-)) Who needs a pair of diamond earrings when you can make homegrown horseradish sauce?