Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Un-Bee-Lievable, Bee Bandits, Whod'a Thunk It?

Well, it's always the thing you least expect that fills you with amazement. Seems as we've predicted in previous posts, with this economy, thievery is in vogue. And the nay-do-wellers are stealing everything that isn't screwed down.

Apparently, as if we only had Colony Collapse Disorder to boggle all scientific minds to date, now a bunch of idiots find profit in stealing entire hives of bees from beekeepers. Now, like most dumb criminals, they've overlooked a pretty big issue - the fact that the beekeepers' boxes are all marked and registered with each State. Doh!

Scientists have predicted that if bee colonies collapsed completely, leaving the poor bee extinct, along with the millions of other species being effected by the human species' lavish lifestyle, humans would follow (in extinction, that is) just four years after the bees. Yes, you read right. Four Years. That is how important the bee is to our very survival. So, as anyone with half a mind to think about it for a second will realize, we certainly don't need a bunch of two-bit, profiteering agricannibals in our midst (it's enough that we've got Monsanto to deal with).

So, anyway, this is the latest and greatest sign of our weakening economy. We've got copper pipe thieves and now bee thieves. Our own minds here in Charleston are pondering who these people are exactly. Copper pipe thieves, for instance....are they out of work subcontractors? Bee Thieves. Out of work apiologists? What are we missing here?! Is it possible people who study bees are out of work because of Colony Collapse Disorder, or are these just really smart criminals?

Anyway, here are two cases. The pilfering is occurring in California and Maryland.

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