Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wall Street Turning to the Stars

Noticing a peculiar headline on Bloomberg today, it took blinking twice to be sure the eyes weren’t playing tricks. Most certainly, the screen was projecting an ominous warning for the stock markets in the Chinese New Year. Beginning February 7th, the Year of the Rat is upon us. Does it appear Wall Street is turning to the stars for advice during a horribly confusing financial crisis? You betcha! And how about this timing? Ironically befitting, considering today's record losses.

Well, we thought only Ronnie and Nancy used in-house astrologers and such, but thanks to revered Bloomberg News we now know that the, “year of the rat portends losses in Asian stocks, astrologers say". Don’t get us wrong. We are fans of the mystical realms. Besides, who knows? Even if jobs are sagging – it might be a great time to open shop as a seer since those big bonuses will be filtering down into the micro economies of establishments like, Juanita’s Taro, and Readings by Mrs. Balkewicz - Palm and Chakras.

Do you think this could mean they don’t believe in decoupling after all?


libhom said...

Wall St. is so confused these days they would probably take a groundhog seriously as a weather forecaster.

Harry Brinson & Stacey Barrington said...

Now that a few weeks have passed, check this out. Canadian News says the U.S. is due for a disastrous financial meltdown.