Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bush Asks, Is It A Mir-a-gee?

"Masdar would be the largest and one of the most advanced sustainable communities in the world."

"The vision of One Planet Living is a world where people everywhere can lead happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the Earth's resources...Masdar gives us a breathtaking insight into this positive, alternative future."

-Pooran Desai

Masdar is an impressive, cutting edge, carbon neutral, car-free, solar-using, sustainable city. It just sounds really cool..and awesome. But, we weren't the only ones impressed. President Bush appeared to be in his own state of shock and awe during Masdar's unveiling and presentation to him last week on his tour of the Middle East. For some reason as he walked around gawking at the greatness of Masdar and the vision behind it, we wondered what he could possibly have been thinking. We imagined Mr. Bush might have thought he was seeing things, like in one of those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs finds himself in the desert fooled by a mirage. Bugs is smart though, so about the only parallel with the President was the mispronunciation of the word mirage. LOL. It is true, though that interesting cross-references to historical analysis lie buried under the guise of these children's cartoons.

Masdar is located in Abu Dhabi (UAE). What we want to know is, where's our Masdar, Mr. President?

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