Thursday, September 03, 2009

Leave your Lover - Go to Charleston

The Battery; Charleston, SC

Everyone loves a good song about Charleston, and its been quite a few years since one's been written. But then, out of the blue comes, Sons of Bill (not from Charleston), with a steel guitar, raw country-rock sound and a heartfelt story of leaving a worn out relationship behind to start anew in the holy city. Of course, starting anew happens after getting drunk on the Battery. My advice? Don't forget your brown bags, boys, because the CPD will have your achey-brakey hearts at Leeds Avenue (a street not mentioned in the song) faster than you can say, "I was just lookin' at Fort Sumter, Officer." For future reference, the battery is a park overlooking the site where the first shots of the civil war were fired.

Son's of Bill's (SOB), Charleston can be found on their sophomore release, One Town Away. And despite the fact that we're not big country fans here at The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian, this "under the radar" band is kind of growing on us. Word around town is they are also a favorite pick of The Windjammer staff (see City Paper review).

"But tonight, girl, you can sit there by the phone
Because tonight, ya know, I don't think [your man's] coming home
I'm gonna go down to Charleston
And get drunk on The Battery
Then stroll up and down King Street and find myself a queen
Then take her down to the ocean and watch as the waves roll in
And build a castle in the sand
And never come home to you"

Side Note: Yes, we find it ironic that the shortening of the band's name to the acronym, "SOB" provides yet another connection to the city. In Charleston, SOB is the well-known acronymic reference to the area known as "South of Broad." Anyway, just sayin.'

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